Commutatore casse acustiche DJ Tech SS-8 + Telecomando

Commutatore casse acustiche DJ Tech SS-8 + telecomando

One way imput and eight-way out audio-frequency power signal splitter, mainly used in contrastive broadcast with multi-speaker array, especially suitable for dealers and other occasions when audio-frequency power signal adapting is needed.

Audio-frequency power signal is switched and output by relay, guarantee stable sound level.

High switch power, each channel no lower than 2KW.

Manual and infrared ray remote control, convenient operation.

Indicating electric level signal, easy to monitor working stage of output channel.

Disposal of Old Electrical & Electronic Equipment (Applicable in the European Union and other European countries whit separate collection system)



Max Voltage 220V(alternative current effective value)

Max electric current 10A(alternative current effective value)

Max power 2000W

Output range same as input range

Distortion same as input signal distortion

Remote control mode infrared ray

Remote control distance >7m

Rated Voltage AC110V/115V/120V 60Hz;
AC220V/230V/240V/ 50Hz
(Depends on distribution area, please refer tp back panel of this unit.)

Rated power consumption 6W






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